November News

A lot has happened at Practical Fox in the last month — all of it good! Let’s dive in to the latest.

Beat the Boss Now Available

After a snafu at the printer, Beat the Boss is now available anywhere you buy books. If your local shop doesn’t have it, they can order it for you. Paperback copies are also available via Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, and through the Practical Fox website. The ebook is available exclusively via the fine folks at DriveThruRPG, along with a bunch of pay-what-you-want extras for the game.

If you preordered the paperback, your books are on the way at last! Keep an eye on your mailbox. Thank you so much for your patience as we ironed out the printer’s issues.

Beat the Boss Revised Edition: A Roleplaying Game for Organizing on the Job

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Practical Fox is thrilled to celebrate alongside our Native American friends this month. In spring 2020 we published a new edition of Life Among the Paiutes by the translator Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, and it kind of flew under the radar (you may recall that people had other things on their mind at that time).

So let’s give this book some extra love this month! We donate 5% of the cover price of each book sold to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. Paperbacks are available anywhere you buy books, including Bookshop, Powell’s, and the PF store. There are limited hardcovers available too. They’re no longer in print, but we have a few here at Practical Fox HQ, and you can order at the website.

For more about the good work the NIWRC is doing, visit their website for the latest.

Life Among the Paiutes, Their Wrongs and Claims, Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins

Get Ready for Rebellion!

Memoirs of a French Courtesan Vol. 1: Rebellion by Celeste Mogador is set for its publication day on January 16, 2024! The files are uploaded, the ebook preorders are ready, and the ARCs are going out to reviewers. Final paperback copies are still going through the QA/proofing process, but things are looking good so far.

Ebooks can be preordered on most platforms, including Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, and Smashwords. We’re also working on getting the ebook into libraries!

Here’s more about the book:

“When I wrote these memoirs in 1852, I was ignorant of the future awaiting me; who could have known? It was not my willful brazenness that dictated I write these memoirs; it was not for provocation or moral outrage, as some of those who were quick to take offense said. Before you sentence the guilty, at least listen through to the end of the story.”

So begins the memoirs of Céleste Mogador. The four volumes of the infamous courtesan and Hippodrome performer, Mémoires de Célèste Mogador, were published to scandalous acclaim in Paris in 1858. At the urging of her lawyer, Mogador wrote about her troubled childhood, her ascent to the heights of the glamorous Parisian courtesan society, her transition to respectable life, and falling in love with a nobleman.

In this new English translation, Memoirs of a French Courtesan Volume 1: Rebellion introduces the young Céleste. In her first sixteen years, she has plenty to rebel against: an abusive stepfather, her mother’s groping new boyfriend, her jailers, her first madame, and her first client. Not to mention the actual rebellion that engulfed the streets of Lyon in flames when she was a child. Mogador lays out her childhood and her choices—or lack of them—in this first volume of her memoirs, setting the stage for the glittering life to come.

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