Take the Wheel: A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car Her Own Damn Self (2nd ed.)


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A lot has changed in the four years since Take the Wheel was originally published, but most American women still rely on cars we own to get around. We still control most of the big-ticket household purchases, and we still make up more than half of the registered drivers in this country. We also do a lot of research at home before setting foot in a dealership, which makes us more informed about the particular car we want to buy than the salesperson probably is. But that doesn’t stop them from talking down to us, asking if our husband is okay with us spending so much money, and generally being asshats to us when all we want to do is give them thousands of dollars and drive away as fast as we possibly can from the dealership.

I hope the new, revised, expanded, and improved edition of Take the Wheel is even more helpful than the original. Here’s what you’ll find in this shiny new book:

  • Updated advice on financing and credit scores
  • Complete guide to alternative fuels and green(er) cars
  • New examples, makes, and models
  • Overviews of modern tech and safety systems

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