Mission Statement

Practical Fox LLC is committed to:

  • Making overlooked, forgotten, and sidelined titles in the public domain accessible, easy to read, and gorgeous in all formats.
  • Lifting up women writers whose feminism is inclusive and radical as well as fun and adventurous. These women have always existed!
  • Finding readers who are looking for a sense of history and belonging, pride in themselves, and inspiration from those who have gone before.
  • Producing two books minimum per year, each in an affordable digital form, an inexpensive yet high-quality paperback, and a limited-edition finest quality hardcover.
  • Giving to the communities that have had their histories erased through paying 5% of the cover price of each format of each book to relevant groups working toward social justice.
  • Building funds through the sale of these books to allow acquisition, with advances and royalties, of new manuscripts by authors currently working in this tradition.